90% annualized return despite the bear market

We’re investor-builders since 2018, supporting blockchain, crypto and Web3 businesses.

BR Strategies
BR Capital manages three investment strategies for a better balance of risk and reward: a liquid trading fund, a digital assets hedge fund and a Web3 VC fund.
Liquid Trading Fund

Multiple algorithmic and machine learning strategies operating in parallel at the millisecond-level to deliver profits independently of crypto price movements.

Digital Assets Hedge Fund

Our analysts use expertise and bespoke tooling to spot liquid token opportunities and hedging strategies, with trading & yield farming for treasury management.

Web3 Venture Capital Fund

High-growth startups continue to offer the highest returns in Web3. Our deal access stems from our reputation as a hands-on, value-add VC investor.

BR Portfolio: DeFi
Financial products and services should be available to all, without borders, barriers or bureaucracy.
1inch Network

The 1inch Network unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in the DeFi space. 1inch is also well known as a most popular DEX aggregator.


Azuro is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on the democratization and innovation in betting.


ConsenSys is the software engineering leader of the blockchain space focused on Ethereum ecosystem and institutional services..


Lido is a liquid staking solution for ETH 2.0 and Terra backed by a number of the industry's leading blockchain staking providers.

Anchor Protocol
Anchor Protocol

Anchor is a savings protocol built on Terra blockchain, that accepts LUNA and other productive assets deposits, allows instant withdrawals and pays depositors a low-volatility interest rate. To generate yield, Anchor lends out deposits
to borrowers who put down liquid-staked PoS assets from major blockchains as collateral.


dYdX is the most powerful open trading platform that combines non-custodial, on-chain settlement with an off-chain low-latency matching engine using order books for crypto assets. dYdX offers decentralized derivatives, margin, and spot trading.

Project Serum
Project Serum

Serum brings the speed and convenience of centralized exchanges to DeFi while remaining fully trustless and transparent. On top of Solana Blockchain.


Ethereum's MetaDEX Aggregator that allows to trade with MEV protection while using ETH-less orders that are settled p2p among users or the best AMM.


Badger is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a single purpose: build the products and infrastructure necessary to bring Bitcoin as an asset across other blockchains.


Persistence powers next-gen DeFi products that have the power to bring mainstream/traditional capital into crypto.


Transak enables easy swapping of fiat and crypto currencies within apps and wallets.

IDLE Finance

Idle is a decentralized asset management protocol that allows users to automatically and algorithmically manage their digital asset allocation among different third-party DeFi protocols.

KINE Finance
KINE Finance

Kine is a decentralized protocol which establishes general purpose liquidity pools backed by a customizable portfolio of digital assets.


Everscale is a new and unique blockchain design that proposes a scalable decentralized world computer, paired with a distributed operating system — Ever OS.


ReSource is a blockchain based network of businesses that increase prosperity by trading with each other.


Paladin is a decentralized, non-custodial governance lending protocol where users can either loan the voting power in their governance token, or borrow some voting power.


Superfluid is a protocol introduced a new token standard, with the power to manage cash flows, and execute them automatically on-chain over time in a non-interactive way.


A Decentralized Exchange for Social Tokens.

Archer DAO

Archer (relaunched as Eden Network) increases Ethereum miners revenue and aims to build products for users utilising MEV.


Multiple Protocol is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol based on Ethereum that allows expert traders (GP) to provide professional AMM liquidity strategies which in turn ensures users (LP) securely benefit from the best yielding products for Uniswap v3.

BR Portfolio: DAOs and Communities
DAOs unlock better collaboration. We’re investing via major DAOs, while also directly supporting the creation of DAO infrastructure and tooling.
BR Portfolio: Data and Security
Blockchain secures not only what is transferable, but also what is personal, private and unique

Bitquery is a set of software products that parse, index, and store blockchain data in a unified way.


Aggregion is resolving the issue of trust and security to develop products built on joint first party data.

Ocean Protocol
Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol - is a decentralized data exchange protocol to make data and services universally available for applications in AI and beyond.


Qset - is the state of the art market data collection, storage, and processing infrastructure.


Ethereum Push Notification Service is a decentralized protocol allowing blockchain users to receive notifications for on-chain or off-chain activity.


Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallets labels.


Arweave is a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to truly store data forever in Permaweb.


Nodle is the world’s largest ecosystem of connected devices, providing infrastructure, software and access to data for the Internet of Things.

Boson Protocol
Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol is a capture-resistant decentralized autonomous commerce (dCommerce) ecosystem that automates digital to physical redemptions.


dClimate - is a transparent, decentralized marketplace where climate data, forecasts, and models are standardized, monetized, and distributed.

BR Portfolio: Trading
Through our trading and staking activities, together with the top exchanges, we’re providing liquidity ranging from 250K-500K BTC every month in CeFi and DeFi.

Beyond operating the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance spans an entire ecosystem.


OKEx is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges with advanced financial services.

Delta Exchange
Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange building the most liquid and trusted global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that can ably serve both retail and institutional traders.


T-Digital brings together many years of experience in high frequency trading and quantitative asset management. T-Digital rely on their exceptional team, high-end battle-tested infrastructure and unique combination of human and artificial intelligence.

Hanbitco Exchange
Hanbitco Exchange

Hanbitco is a licensed crypto exchange from South Korea that launched in November 2017.

Globe Exchange
Globe Exchange

Globe is a new crypto derivatives exchange where institutions and consumers transact digital currencies like Bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts.

BR Portfolio: Metaverses, Gaming & NFTs

DappCraft creates the experiences for metaverses.

Digital fashion, smart-contracts, 3D scenes, 3D animations, games, events.


Curio is the premier NFT platform for the biggest names in entertainment.


Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built on Ethereum Blockchain. Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials.


Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Decentraland metaverse users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.


CryptoVoxels is a virtual world and metaverse, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy land and build stores and art galleries. Editing tools, avatars and text chat are built in.


Your source for non-fungible truth and #NFTs WTF moments!


The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences.

Somnium Space

Somnium is an Open, Social, Virtual Reality world. A world with its own economy and its own currency. A VR world with its own Marketplace, Games, Social experiences and Virtual Land ownership.


Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on developing the play-to-earn economy.

Ignite Tournaments

Introducing the world’s first play-to-earn mobile esports tournament organization and streaming platform with payouts in crypto and NFTs.


World’s Largest Web 3.0 Engagement Platform for Esports.

Quest Gamers

Quest Gamers is developing a super-app custom-built for play-to-earn managers.


BLOCKS offers flexible solutions for community building and utility enhancement.

CryptoPunk #9204

CryptoPunks is the most popular and high valued NFT art project. 10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Moonbird #5520

A collection of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a richly diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits.

Admit One #0258

Admit One is a 1,000 member private group of Web3 enthusiasts, builders, and thought leaders. The NFT acts as the entry ticket to this diverse and dynamic community.

BR People
Sharif Sakr

Sharif has built a reputation as a global technology scout. Prior to scouting for investment purposes, he did this as a journalist for BBC World TV News and the BBC Business Unit, as well as commentating for outlets like Engadget, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC and Sky TV. Sharif is also an Industry Advisor at Saïd Business School, Oxford University, specialising in digital product management.

Managing Partner, Operations
Shawn (Shota) Lomtadze

Shawn has a background in M&A and FMCG for Société Générale, Kao Brands, Versace Group other others. He leads operations at the shared HQ of BR Capital and T-Digital in Tbilisi, Georgia. He has an official role alongside the Georgian government in creating a more fintech-friendly jurisdiction in his home country.

Managing Partner, Corporate Affairs
Lau Geckler

Lau supervises our regulatory, governance and corporate affairs. He also leads our fund’s presence in Asia (out of Singapore). He’s a business doctor who has worked for publicly listed companies like HP and WPP, but who’s talent lies in buying and integrating smaller companies while preserving their DNA. He’s accomplished this with more than 40 separate businesses.

Managing Partner, Trading
Eugen Sandmann

Eugen is brings day-to-day financial wisdom to our trading teams and partners, including T-Digital. He has 20 years’ experience in traditional finance for top Swiss and German portfolio management firms including Terreus Capital AG, Euro Trust Asset Management and International Finanzmanagement Consulting AG/D-Trade.

Managing Partner, Investor Relations
Alex Buchman

Alex is an entrepreneur and angel investor with over 20 years’ experience building IT and IoT solutions and startups, including 15 years in the online gaming industry, including worldwide distribution agreements and integration of games into social networks.

Managing Partner, Digital Assets Hedge Fund (SP2)
Kevin Dougherty

Kevin leads BR Capital’s Digital Assets Hedge Fund. He was previously a Partner at crypto hedge fund Decentral Park Capital, which he helped launch in 2017. Kevin has more than 20 years experience at traditional investment banks and hedge funds. While Portfolio Manager at Pharos Financial Group, Pharos was awarded ‘Best Hedge Fund Manager’ by Hedge Funds World in 2010 in recognition of outperformance during and after the 2008 financial crisis.

Katerina Mordikova

Katerina is responsible for Fund, Investment Management and Advisory company finance functions including control of NAV calculations, audit processes and investor onboarding. She has a Diploma with Excellence in Accounting, Analysis and Audit and has worked for international companies and family offices in financial / commercial roles, including most recently in the WPP Group.

Investment Manager
Vlad Zhukov

Vlad is our investment manager with five years in crypto and blockchain projects plus four years in banking, investment and IT startups. With extensive knowledge of the crypto industry, Vlad is well-equipped to navigate the rapidly changing landscape, supervising all our DeFi and NFT positions.

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